Why Private Jets Are Safer Than Commercial Airliners

Private Jets Are Safer Than Commercial Airliners - EmptyLegConnection.com

Whether you are closing a deal or planning a memorable event or vacation with your family and friends, nothing can compare to the quality of air travel promised by a private jet. Travelling in a private jet is the height of luxury and comfort. It allows you to have an enjoyable and hassle-free trip, eliminating the discomfort of a cramming and overcrowded flight. No matter the comfort, convenience, luxury and delightfulness private jet holds, the most underlying concern for every individual is safety. When it comes to the matter of safety, flying on a private jet is safer than commercial airliners.

Thorough Inspections

Private jet service providers will be rated by registered organizations that specialize in evaluating and accessing safety measures of private jet companies. Organizations like Argus International will score private jet companies based on safety while the Charter Evaluation and Qualification program will rate private jets service providers based on their safety practices. The metrics and procedure for evaluating private jets safety are very strict and ensures total scrutiny. A well rated private jet service provider is expected to follow the safest practices and guidelines.

Crew Expertise

Any possible safety issues are well scrutinized. Repairs are done before the aircraft is use for flight. Crew expertise is topnotch as private jet pilot are equally dexterous as commercial airline pilots. Private jet pilots are often in better physical and emotional because they are not subject to long busy days with little sleep.

Lower Passenger Volume

Commercial jets fly hundreds of passengers every day. Each flight adds its own bit of stress on the jets' structural integrity. In addition, commercial airliners are extremely profit-oriented, cutting corners on the safety of their planes in order to make maximum profit. In contrast, a private jet has a lower passenger volume compared to the commercial jets. This will take little toll on the plane, ensuring that you fly much more safely.

Improved technology

The newest private jets are safer than any airliner in technical terms, because they incorporate the newest technologies long before the commercial airlines can. New private jet are designed to deliver completely new passenger and cockpit experience. They combine technology advancements and superior interior aesthetics. Private jet service providers follow technological trends, thus providing their aircraft pilots a new level of comfort and control. Commercial airliners are conservational, and yield to technological transformation slowly.

At EmptyLegConnection.com, we know that you only want to fly in the most luxurious but safest way possible. That's why we take our passengers safety seriously, and are an Argus International certified operator. Contact us to request a flight quote, and let us fly you in style.

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