Need Private Jet Charter?

No Broker Fees Thousands of Flights
Wholesale Pricing No Commitment

Need Private Jet Charter?

No Broker Fees

Thousands of Flights

Wholesale Pricing

No Commitment

Mark M.
Empty leg flight was flawless and the price was great! I highly recommend them!

Beth W.
Prices were truly wholesale and transparent, and the accommodations were amazing!

Roger D.
I've been flying privately for years and I was amazed at the cost difference by using Empty Leg Connection! I won't go anywhere else now.

Steve F.
Responsive to my needs and the price was less than half of what I usually pay. Great experience. Will use again.

What Is An Empty Leg Flight?

What is An Empty Leg Flight -

The concept of an empty leg flight is simple. The term 'empty leg' is used to describe a discounted flight.

An empty flight is an empty plane on a return flight, or an outbound empty flight on it's way to pick up a paying passenger of an already-booked trip.For example, if a plane is paid to go from destination A to destination B - but not carrying passengers coming back from destination B to destination A - the flight is classified as empty.

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Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Benefits of Private Air Charter -

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way you haven't heard about private jet charter and the fact that every celebrity nowadays has their own private jet. However, the benefits of private jet charter flights go way beyond creating buzz when arriving at a specific destination.

So, why are private jet charter flights better than standard, commercial flights?

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Private Jet Cost Comparison

Private Jet Charter Cost Comparison -

If you are rubbing shoulders with travelers, you probably heard about private charter flights, empty legs and regular commercial flights. Even though the latter is widely known to everyone nowadays, empty leg flights in the private charter community is a relatively new concept and the cost savings are tremendous!

Generally, empty leg flights refer to empty planes on a return flight or outbound flight of an already booked trip.

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